Training of 12 Engineers for Water and Waste Stations at Damascus Sites – March 2012

Damascus, Syria – March 2012



We thank the Syrian authorities for their support in such a difficult political situations of their country to Water for People and Peace to help our fellow man.



Water for People and Peace with Engineers and Technical Staff.


Drinking water supplies to Water and Waste Water treatment works, like supplies to other industrial processplants which use chemicals or materials that are harmful to human health, are at risk of being accidentally contaminated by backflow or cross connection with other fluids. Preventing contamination is imperative to protect the health of the staff on the site and of others supplied with drinking water from the same system. Plumbing systems, appliances and process equipment which require water supplies must be operate correctly. Training of Staff is essential.


Drinking Water Treatment Training:

  • Water works basics
  • Backflow assembly test/ Troubleshoot/ repair
  • Backflow assembly tester
  • Basic electrical
  • Basic field hydraulics
  • Competent person for cave-in protection
  • Fire hydrants: Operate and repair
  • Pump operation and maintenance
  • Water and wastewater disinfection
  • Water mains installation, maintenance and repair


The Water Treatment Training:

  • Activated sludge
  • ADV backflow assembly test/ troubleshoot/ repair
  • Basic electrical
  • Basic field hydraulics
  • Operating WW plants for better environmental protection
  • Pump operation and maintenance
  • Pumps and pumping system
  • Utility worker safety – online
  • Water and wastewater disinfection
  • Water and wastewater electrical


Hands on Training.


Visit to Damascus. On site training course.


Visit to Damascus great area. On site training course.


Water for People and Peace delivered all the know how to the excellent engineers of Syria for the running of the water and waste water stations taking them free and responsible for the gift of life that is water.

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