Successful meetings in the European Commission for the arsenic in the water of Central Macedonia

Brussels, Belgium – June 2004


Water PP informed extensively Mr. Shotton and Mr. Thanou the head of the Regional and Cohesion Fund Policy of Europe for the Arsenic in Central Macedonia. Mr. Shotton gave instructions of immediate resolution so the arsenic in Central Macedonia should be cleared and the Citizens will be in no more danger. Water PP is thanking both of them for their intervention and instructions so Water PP can carry on successfully its mission so all the areas in the country have safe drinking water.


Water for People and Peace informed Patrick Murphy the head of Water and Marine of the European Commission of Environment and his team of the great problem of arsenic in Central Macedonia. Mr. Murphy said that this is unacceptable situation to exist for so long and he asked for our country to obey international law for water rights. If our country does not comply the European Union will take legal action against Greece. Water PP especially after the meeting with the Greek Commissioners Cabinet, working closely with them is following their recommendation to meet the Minister of Health and Minister of Macedonia and Trace to ask them immediate resolution for the arsenic problem in Macedonia.

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