Water for People and Peace 18th of December 2003 in Halastra, Axios Region

Halastra, Greece


Water For People and Peace the 18th of December of 2003 met the Mayor of Halastra Mr. Ouzounis who the municipality faces one of the worst problem of pollution of Arsenic of Drinking Water .
The talked about ways of Water Purification and accelerating the best practical High Technical specification Solution. We can not put a price to human life.


So there is high technology applications around the world even cleaning water pollution with radiation. Let the municipality and its citizens other municipalities, prefectures and peripheries apply the most effective and safe method to help the citizen.


According to the statistics the areas with water pollution have three times the number of cancer cases from other regions. The only people that benefit are the bottle water, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies.
Water For People and Peace promise to support the Mayor to give safe, healthy, clear and affordable drinking water.

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